Metis Global Partners believes in the consistent application of valuation-driven decisions, free of behavioral biases, and grounded in the unique drivers of 60+ global industries. All strategies managed by Metis combine the best of both worlds: a fundamental, long-term value approach deployed in a systematic bias-averse process.
  • Global and International Equity Focus, Spanning Large to Micro Cap Companies
  • Disciplined Value Approach; Active, Alpha-Seeking Portfolios
  • Tenured Investment Team With an Average 22 Years of Experience
  • Independent, Employee-Owned Firm

About Metis

Our intellectual heritage of fundamental value investing is combined with expertise managing a systematic process.

Bias-Averse Process

Our process seeks to take advantage of, rather than succumb to, deep-rooted behavioral biases.

Where We Invest

Our global investing experience spans the capitalization range in developed, emerging and frontier markets.