About Us
The Metis Team’s roots are firmly grounded in a rich history of both academic and practitioner research at the intersection of global equity markets and investor behavior. By applying global fundamental knowledge in a systematic manner to large opportunity sets, the team is able to find undiscovered value opportunities around the globe. With an average of 23+ years of investment experience, the team maintains an active research role, being responsible for numerous industry and academic publications on the topics of global markets, value investing, and investor behavior. The founding members worked together for over eight years at their previous firm, before founding Metis to execute on the focused vision of bias-averse investing across markets worldwide.

Metis is a certified Minority Business Enterprise as defined by the National Minority Supplier Development Council and is located in San Diego, California.

Firm Name

The goddess Metis (Μητις) was a powerful Titan whose Greek name has come to mean prudent counsel, wisdom, and acumen. Metis embodies a combination of deep knowledge with skilled practice – in our case, fundamental knowledge of how the market values companies with a systematic, bias-averse investment process.

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Bias-Averse Process

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