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We are happy to introduce our new quarterly newsletter which will feature topics including where we are finding value in global markets, strategy highlights, behavioral investing topics, and current events at Metis. In addition to these quarterly sections, be on the look-out for special topics and collaboration with our research partners and industry guests. Our goal of this newsletter is not only to keep you informed of our views and research, but also to identify new and value-add research happening at the intersection of global markets and behavioral investing.

In this inaugural newsletter issue, we review the -44% 3-month fall in oil prices in the context of history and what it potentially portends about the direction of global equity markets. The decline in oil prices has perhaps been felt deepest in Russia, a country mired by a multitude of other concerns. We observe reasons for contrarians to take interest in both developments. While difficult to endure, volatile periods like these often generate the greatest opportunities for those that can remain patient and long-term focused.

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