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We are pleased to share Metis’ 2nd Quarter 2015 newsletter. Global markets and behavioral investing are at the core of our investment process and ongoing research efforts, and we want to share our current views and research with you. In this edition we discuss:

  • Global valuation dispersion (currently at levels similar to the market peak of 2000), and the potential implications it has for value investors;
  • The world of international small caps- why an all-country approach to this exciting space is so important; and
  • The Behaviorists’ Corner–Studies that quantify the impact of investor overreaction, and why awareness of this particular behavioral bias is key to successful value investing.

Finally, don’t miss the Metis Firm Update section at the end of the newsletter to get current on all the great things happening at Metis.

Read Metis Newsletter 2Q2015 Edition.

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