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Join us in discussing current influences on global markets and behavioral investing, core elements of our investment process and ongoing research efforts. In this 3rd Quarter 2015 edition of our quarterly distribution, we investigate:

  • What happened to value?  Recent growth vs. value performance in the context of their historic relationship, and an observation of some of the valuation outliers it has created.
  • Emerging markets, don’t panic!- A look at these often volatile, yet incredibly resilient markets, and how a number of macro events have played out through the lens of value investing.
  • The Behaviorists’ Corner—In times of volatility, loss related fears can grip even the most seasoned investor and be a costly behavior.  We share studies that explore and quantify the impact of loss aversion.

Finally, don’t miss the Metis Firm Update section at the end to get current on all the great things happening at the firm. As always we look forward to your thoughts and welcome new ideas.


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